Project Description

For individuals having difficulties with their balance and equilibrium, there are a couple of options to choose from at our office. BPPV [benign paroxysmal positional vertigo] can be treated in office using the Epley maneuver. Videonystagmography [VNG] is a valuable diagnostic procedure as well that is simple and painless ,and it can help more accurately determine the cause of your dizziness symptoms. 

The test uses a camera to trace quick eye movements (nystagmus) in response to certain visual cues and positional changes. This information is illuminating because there are neural pathways that connect the balance mechanism of the inner ear to the muscles of the eye. A disorder of the balance mechanism can result in quick eye movements that can only be detected with advanced optics. 

Because the hearing and balance functions of your inner ear are so closely related, we routinely administer a hearing test before VNG to assess the condition of the overall system.