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We take care of all your heating and air needs.

We take care of all your heating and air needs.

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Committed to not only meeting customer expectations but exceeding them.

Our stocked trucks can repair approximately 90% of typical residential problems. This will likely resolve your heating and cooling problems quickly without the need to order parts.

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Air Conditioning

Island Heating and Air provides residential air conditioner installation services in Grand Island, Kearney, and Hastings.

Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to help you select and install your new air conditioning system or repair your existing system.

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We sell American Standard home furnaces – designed to help keep your home warm and cozy during the colder seasons. Each furnace is built with efficiency and reliability in mind so you can enjoy consistent warmth and long-lasting comfort.

We can also repair your existing furnace.

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Maintenace Packages

We offer both commercial and residential maintenance packages.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and when it comes to HVAC units, this couldn’t be truer. Taking care of problems that may arise before they happen is going to save you big in the long run, not only on parts and labor but also on your energy bill.

Our packages take the guesswork out of a healthy HVAC system for your home or business.

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Duct Cleaning

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), as much as 40 pounds of dust is created annually in an average six-room home. Dust, dander, and other air pollutants are pulled into the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and circulated through air ducts.

A thorough cleaning of your duct system can make a noticeable difference in your home.

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Indoor Air Quality

Nowadays, homes are better insulated and more tightly sealed. This means that indoor pollutants can get trapped inside your home. As a result, your family might be breathing indoor air that is up to five times less healthy than what’s outside.

Our Products

We only sell and install quality products from trusted brands. Find out more about what brands and products we trust.

American Standard

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Air Conditioners

Stay cool and comfortable when it heats up outside with a central air conditioner you can rely on. Our home air conditioning units keep your home cool on the hottest days with reliability and efficiency you can count on year after year.

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Keep your home as warm and cozy as you need it with efficient gas and oil furnaces from American Standard. Matching the right furnace system to your home affords you and your family the greatest efficiency and reliability for long-lasting comfort. Our experts will help you decide which is best for your home.

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Electric Heat Pumps

Acting as a heater in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer, an American Standard residential heat pump keeps the temperature in your home just how you like it.

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Electric Heat Pumps

No matter what the weather or the season, the temperature deep within the earth remains constant. Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into the even, steady temperatures underground to regulate your home’s indoor comfort.

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Home Thermostat Controls

Whether you are looking for a seven-day programmable thermostat, a fully automated digital control or a standard easy-to-use thermostat, American Standard temperature controls give you precise control over your home’s climate.

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Air Handlers

Every American Standard air handler is built to circulate newly cooled or heating air into every corner in your house, even the tight spaces.

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Commercial HVAC

Whether the people spending time in your commercial space are shoppers, diners, employees or students, their comfort is your business.


grand island hvac nexia products

Nexia brings smart home automation together. Whether you’re purchasing your first smart home system or searching for faster smart home management options, Nexia has the solutions you need. Nexia’s home automation system delivers personalized, flexible control over your smart home.

One System with Limitless Potential

The Nexia app allows you to connect and control all of the elements of your smart home, creating a truly seamless system. Customizable and easy-to-use, the app allows you choose how your smart devices work together by creating automations and user modes. The Nexia app provides a powerful solution to simplify how you manage your home.

Nexia operates on Z-Wave technology, one of the most widely adopted smart home platforms that allows Nexia to work with some of the world’s most trusted brands.

Uniquely Scalable System

Because of Nexia’s simple installation process and huge selection of compatible products, you can integrate multiple products at once or expand your system gradually…whatever works best for you.



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Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

Quality engineering provides exceptional comfort and efficient home heating and cooling.

grand island bosch hvac products

Commercial Heat Pump Systems

At Bosch, we specialize in highly efficient heating and cooling solutions for commercial retrofit and new construction applications.

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Tax Credits

Eligible for a tax credit equal to 30% of the installed cost- an immense cost savings that can be combined with state and local incentives.

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Energy Efficient Home

Bosch Thermotechnology North America is a leading source of high-quality water heating and comfort heating and cooling systems.

Mitsubishi Electric

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Indoor Units






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Outdoor Units




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Committed to not only meeting customer expectations but exceeding them.